From Stewardship to Power. Religious Organisations and their Investment Potentials.

May 2014, Katinka C. van Cranenburgh, Céline Louche, Daniel Arenas

ABSTRACT: This report provides insight into the teachings of several faith traditions and how they are being interpreted in relation to faith-consistent investing. The reader will also understand how religious organisations can be effective investors, not only monetarily but also religiously. This report explores both the challenges as well as the opportunities of faiths exercising their responsibility and power as investors.

Frontpage Believers in the Boardroom
Believers in the Boardroom. Religious organisations and their Shareholder Engagement Practices.

May 2012, Katinka C. van Cranenburgh, Jennifer Goodman, Céline Louche, Daniel Arenas

ABSTRACT: This report is based on research amongst 3 religious organisations that practice social shareholder engagement. It provides insight in successful and unsuccessful engagement processes and demystify some of the well-known barriers to religious shareholder engagement.

Front page FCI research 3iG
From Faith to Faith Consistent Investing. Religious Institutions and their investment practices.

August 2010, Katinka C. van Cranenburgh, Daniel Arenas, Céline Louche, Jordi Vives

ABSTRACT: Over 100 respondents from religious organisations have shared information on their investment opinions, practices and obstacles or incentives. Conclusions are drawn with regards to the four major responsible investment pillars: negative screening, positive screening, impact investing and social shareholder engagement. Also, religious networks and regional differences are shared.